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Paweł Chorążykiewicz – Co-founder

Architect. Graduated from Technical University of Wrocław (Poland). Worked two years for Blå Arkitektur Landskap, an architectural office in Stockholm, where his CGI talent was quickly discovered. Paweł was responsible for preparing many visualizations that were later presented to investors from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. His renderings were published in Norwegian press and also on Swedish real estate websites, where clients could see their future apartments. Paweł gained teaching experience by organizing visualization courses for architecture students. He likes  to spend his free time actively, playing tennis and on personal development.

Michał Puchalski – Co-founder

Architect. Studied in Wrocław (Poland) and also on the renowned Politecnico di Milano (Italy), where he experienced interesting artistic approach to architecture and also to its representation. Gained working experience in Austria, in one of the best architectural offices in Vienna – Rüdiger Lainer + Partner. He has also worked in the field of interior design for a Warsaw-based office Tremend. His passion to architectural visualization was discovered early in his career. Michał loves to experiment with new rendering technologies. In free time he learns new languages and improves drawing skills. A great enthusiast of everything what’s italian, including food, music, cars and lifestyle.

Adam Warchoł – 3D Artist 

Architect graduated from Technical University of Wrocław (Poland). Before Adam joined Picksell Team, he had worked as architect and as interior designer. A passionate 3D-freak, loves to experiment and discover new rendering tools. Details lover, who will always solve every complicated 3D-modelling issue. Middle Age is Adam’s big passion – sometimes you can find him on one the historic battlefields, dressed in full armor, together with other history lovers, recreating important events from the past.

Łukasz Sokołowski – 3D Artist

Architect graduated from Technical University of Wrocław (Poland). Worked before as architect and 3D Generalist for a CGI company. A passionate artist, constantly willing to develop his drawing skills, which reflects not only in his jaw-dropping handmade drawings, but also in his 3D works. Healthy lifestyle is his second name – we never convinced him to eat french fries. On the weekends, you will probably find him riding a bike or canoeing somewhere around.