The story took place in May 2019, when our regular client, MIXD, had asked us to participate in the design process and prepare one competition rendering of a hotel lobby. The goal was clear: We need to win. Well… we don’t say no to our clients.

After a call with CEO of MIXD Architects, Piotr Kalinowski, in the first days of May 2019, we organized a brainstorm meeting. We were supposed to shape together the entrance zone – lobby, bar and reception – of a hotel in Kraków, Poland.
The intention of this project was to be elegant and colorful at the same time – with soft, round forms and soft materials. Since we wanted to play with the rendering mood, we decided to present the interior as an evening scene, so that the final image came out dark, with strong, contrasted light spots coming down from the ceiling. This idea turned out to be the gamechanger: It was around a month later, when the winner was announced.


After our clients got the contract, we were asked to prepare a series of renderings presenting various types of spaces in the building. As you can see, the interior has evolved a bit, we also changed the rendering mood from nighttime to daytime, as it was more important to present textures and materials in a more clear way. The “competition feeling” was no longer the main target, now it was more about the realistic representation of space.