Who wouldn’t enjoy a cold can of Pepsi on a hot day, when the sun is pouring down? We didn’t hesitate for a long time, when our clients asked us to participate in their new project: It’s time to tell you more about the PEPSI headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.

The Pepsi Headquarters in Warsaw was one of our longest-running projects and it’s been over 30 renderings created during the whole time. Each zone in each part of the building needed to be rendered and presented as a photorealistic marketing image.

It is worth mentioning (and that’s also something you will definitely see when you take a look at our renderings), that the design concept was very extraordinary and in few cases we needed to find the best way of modelling certain objects in 3D. For instance, take a look at the reception desk: It is a plexiglass box filled with empty Pepsi cans.

We decided to simulate gravity in our 3D software and we literally “dropped” the cans into the box. This way it looks more natural and saved us a lot of time – instead we would need to move each can separately and arrange them manually inside of the reception box.

Thanks to many extraordinary design ideas, the project quickly became very popular among Polish architectural magazines and websites. The object is now finished and below you can see a couple of pictures taken during official photo sessions.You can compare the real photographs with our renderings and let us know what you think!