Photorealistic renderings

The most popular way of presenting architectural concepts has always been through photorealistic visualizations. It’s the best tool to create building-related stories, mood and atmosphere. We love to show interactions between architecture and people (the future inhabitants), with the focus on their relation with the surroundings and access to nature. We specialize also in interior renderings, that are created based only on 2D-plans. As architects with experience in interior design, we will be happy to propose our own color concepts, furniture selection and all other design elements, so that our Clients don’t need to worry about anything.


Short marketing clips presenting architecture or interiors are definitely a great marketing tool, that can be featured on a website of a property or a real estate company‘s homepage. We set the scenes, arrange the camera movement, add music and put the movie together using an advanced film-making software.

Virtual Reality

Virtual walkthrough

A more traditional way is a series of 360-Degree-Panoramas. User moves along a designed pathway, by „jumping“ between multiple standpoints (similar to Google street view). It can be viewed online (user is provided with a link) on any device, such as PC, smartphone or tablet. No need to wear 3D-goggles, or to install any additional software. We also deliver all necessary files with an instruction, explaining how to upload them on a server and make the walk accessible through a link.

Sample walkthrough

Interactive VR

Another way is much more complex and offers a user a totally one-of-a-kind experience. It’s the newest trend in CGI-Industry, where the experience is comparable with playing video games. It’s accessible through 3D-goggles or simply by installing it on a computer and playing like a game, using keyboard and mouse. What’s a top feature, is possibility to interactively change lighting conditions or some selected materials of objects in the interior. There is no better way to present how an interior could look like to its future owners. The „like-in-real-life“ effect is guaranteed to be mind-blowing.

Interactive Demo

Renovation renderings

It happens, that our Clients possess properties, that can not be demolished and replaced with a newer building, or perhaps it’s cheaper to leave them as-is and make only a fast renovation. Here is where we, as architects, can come in handy. There is no need to hire another company – we will do all the conceptual work: Colors, materials selection, landscape design. We will make an old building look modern. It’s also possible for us to show it from the same perspective as on a photograph (it can be used as a typical comparison picture “before/after”).

2D Plans & Marketing brochures

It’s obvious, that every potential customer needs to see plans of an apartment/building, before the decision to buy it is made. As a group of architects, it’s something we’ve been creating through all our professional lives. There are many methods to present a plan in an interesting way – it can be a black&white simple representation, or a colored 2D-drawing; the most advanced type are 3D drawings, presenting the whole interior from the top or from a slight angle. It’s a fact, that some people might have problems with reading and understanding 2D plans – and the 3D plans are the best tool in such cases. Real Estate Brochure (Marketing leafltes) is a very popular marketing tool, that is printed out and handed over to potential Clients. It includes elements, such as exterior and interior renderings, 2D plans and/or bird’s eye views of the planned buildings.

exemplary brochure

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