One of the most widely known high-quality 3D components supplier, Maxtree, has published our rendering of the forest cabin, where we used their assets.

I don’t think there is any professional 3D artist, that didn’t hear about Maxtree – one of the largest companies offering highest quality assets for the three-dimensional software. Many times mentioned on the most popular rendering blog, Ronen Bekerman, Maxtree has a strong focus on 3D assets for greenery, like trees, bushes or grass.
The biggest test for maxtree trees and bushes was the rendering of our concept of a forest cabin. We decided to design a small wooden cabin in the middle of a forest, that we wanted to present in the night- and daytime. You can see the result below. The final renderings were appreciated by the founders of maxtree and the pictures have been presented on the first place on their website’s gallery.