We are very happy to have participated in this amazing project: To create a concept of a façade renovation and interior design of a historical building in the very center of Palma de Mallorca – the building will be shaped according to our vision.

The project started, as usual, with a call from our client from Hamburg, Germany. He just bought an old townhouse in Palma de Mallorca with an intention to renovate and eventually sell it, so he wanted our help with design ideas and marketing. Our task was to shape the new façade, propose new interior design concept and present the whole in a set of marketing renderings. We created 13 images in total, showing the building from the outside and inside of multiple rooms, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

We were also asked to design the façade lighting concept and create an evening scene:

Our renderings were so positively received by our client, that later they were given to the local architectural office from Palma to be used as a reference for the executive project. The building will be shaped according exactly to our vision and it’s a huge success for us!