A long awaited moment has finally become reality: The Hunger Museum, an innovative new project from @MAZONusa, is now open!

It’s been an amazing journey for us, that started over a year ago – many companies involved, global cooperations, new contacts made. And everything started in November 2021, with just one call from the architects: “There is an extraordinary project we are currently working on and we want you on the job….” This fully virtual museum tells the story of 100+ years of hunger and anti-hunger public policy in the United States.

Through six galleries and hundreds of artifacts of historical content, MAZON’s exhibits illuminate the political, economic, and cultural influences of the time, revealing the expansion and dismantlement of the American social safety net over the last century and how — with this history in mind — we can forge a path forward to #endhunger.

All visual content presented on the virtual Hunger Museum website has been created by us – enjoy watching the Promo Video!

What’s unique about the Hunger Museum project, is its location – in the very heart of the United States, just a few steps away from the Washington Monument, and that’s what makes it one of the most interesting projects we’ve been involved in. We present to you a couple more renderings, where you can see the Monument, the famous American landmark.

We encourage you to visit www.hungermuseum.org to learn about the history of #hunger and leave your wish on the Wishing Tree so that, together, we can #MakeHungerHistory.